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For all individuals seeking to obtain or to re-qualify their annual fitness standards required by all Provincial Initial Attack Fire Ranger programs.

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Our test results are CIFFC recognized, therefore also recognized by all participating provincial agencies. Our WFX-FIT test dates primarily reflect the needs of Ontario (OMNR) crews as well as new applicants from Ontario that are applying to the Alberta (ESRD) fire program, but candidates residing in Ontario applying to other provincial programs can also be accommodated.

  • Based upon a philosophy that caters to our clients unique needs, we travel a vast distance each spring to ensure that the hundreds of clients requiring their annual WFX-FIT test are given the opportunity to attempt their fitness test within their respective communities
  • We offer test locations throughout the entire province but dates are limited.
  • We would like to remind all participants that early registration with your deposit will ensure a secured test date, many of the more remote locations have only one test session per year.
  • Obtaining a successful WFX-FIT test is a mandatory annual requirement for all Initial Attack Fireranger crew positions. Standards vary from province to province regarding National Exchange and Provincial Jurisdiction Standards.
  • All test sessions are conducted by a Certified Exercise Physiologist with a trained, professional staff that fully understands the unique needs of all Firerangers including returning Rangers and new SP-100 recruits.

We take pride in working with our test candidates that have concerns regarding their performance and encourage new candidates to review the info provided and review our FAQ's

If you have any further concerns or special circumstances regarding your WFX-FIT Test, we encourage you to contact us directly by email only, or note such in the comment section of your on-line registration form.

Bob Lacey BPHE CEP
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.