Test Components and Standards


Firefighters work in a variety of different environments and terrain across Canada.  The equipment and suppression tactics are often similar but the physical demands vary.  To address the different fitness standards across the country, a National Fitness Standard called the WFX-FIT Test for firefighter exchange was developed, scientifically validated, adopted by CIFFC and it members and implemented for the 2012 fire season.

WFX-FIT Circuit Description

Throughout the WFX-FIT circuit, the participant wears work-out clothing, running shoes and a weighted belt which encumbers the participant with the weight of normal wildland fire line work wear.

  1. The timed circuit involves 4 separate tasks performed in a continuous sequence over 40 m (131.2 ft) laps with cone markers at each 20 m (65.6 ft) end line.
  2. The timing begins when the participant picks up a simulation medium pump (28.5 kg; 62.7 lb) from a 1 m (3.3 ft) platform. For safety purposes, the WFX-FIT Appraiser assists with the lifting and lowering of the medium pump onto and off the participant’s back. The simulation medium pump is carried on the back for a total of 160 m (524.9 ft) (4 laps over the 40 m; 131.2 m  course)
  3. Next, the participant picks up the simulation medium pump from the platform in his/her hands and carries it for 80 m (262.4 ft) (2 laps of the 40 m; 131.2 ft course) without traversing the ramp.
  4. The participant then places the simulation medium pump back onto the platform, picks up the WFX-FIT hose pack containing 4 lengths of hose (25kg; 55lb) from the ground and hoists it onto his/her back, then carries the hose pack 1 km (3281 ft) (25 laps of the 40 m; 131.2 ft course) traversing the ramp every 20 m (65.6 ft).
  5. In the final component of the circuit, the participant drags a weighted sled 80 m (262.4 ft) (2 laps of the 40 m; 131.2 ft  course) on level ground to simulate advancing a charged hose (pull force required to move sled = 18.5 kg; 40.7 lb).  Turn lines are also marked 3 m (10 ft) beyond the end line so the participant knows when the sled has crossed the end line without looking behind.


Summarized WFX-FIT protocol


Distance; # of times over ramp

Carry Medium Pump on Back

160 m; 4 X 40 m over ramp 8 times

Hand Carry Medium Pump

80 m;  2 X 40 m over no ramps

Hose Pack Lift & Carry on Back

1 km; 25 X 40 m over ramp 50 times

Advance Charged Hose

80 m; 2 X 40 m over no ramps




Ontario Provincial Standard – Test completed in less than 17min. & 15sec.

National Exchange Standard – Test completed in less than 14min. & 30sec.

Alberta Provincial Standard – Test completed in less than 14min. & 30sec.



Note: New recruits should strive for their best effort results aiming for a time of 14 min.30sec. or less to increase their opportunity for employment.

A score between 14min.31sec to 17min.15sec.will meet the Ontario Provincial Standard but will not permit deployment outside of Ontario.